Boffer Combat...

Boffing utilizes a boffer which is a foam, padded, or latex mock weapon used for simulated handheld combat. These weapons are also used in battle gaming, kenjutsu practice, stage combat and live action role-playing games (LARPs) which involve melee. Boffer combat itself is simpler than our battle gaming or LARP events. It is closer to 1-on-1 sparring as in martial arts. Several distinct versions of "boffer" weapons and forms of combat also exist for both armored and unarmored combat.

We have both boffer combat/practices during select weeknights and weekends during the warmer months. It is an excellent way to work on your form, practice skills and stay in shape for more intricate battle gaming, LARP combat and planning stage routines. It's also fun in and of itself! Please check our current schedule or visit our Facebook Page and check under Events!

All players must have a signed waiver, with those under 18 needing a parent signature! Grab a copy here and have it filled out before you get to the field to save yourself some time!

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