Cosplay Photoshoots...

NH Boffer Fighting seeks to provide a safe, fun and secure facility and photoshoots for both cosplay and photography enthusiast to meet, interact and create great artistic works during our NH PhotoCon cosplay photoshoot event. The NH Photocon cosplay photoshoot event provides an opportunity and a facility that will enhance your work regardless which side of the lens you wish to work on!

Setting up a photoshoot on your own will most likely require a lot of time and effort on your part. That's not the end of it though, that's just when it begins to get complicated! Between work, home and any sort of social lifeā€¦ who has the time to pull together the necessary details? Work smarter, not harder! NH Boffer Fighting's Cosplay Photoshoot events can help by giving multiple people the chance to come together at the same time, giving you a chance to take care of the most important thing, getting that shot! With amenities such as portable power and Wi-Fi, you take care of the wardrobe and shots, we'll take care of the place!

Our host facility, RPC, is also used for several other types of recreational activities and therefore you should be ready to transport yourself and any gear over a variety of terrain while looking for that perfect spot for your image. Field vehicles can bring heavier equipment to most parts of the field. We also have street power as well as several generators to help in supplying power throughout the day and into the evening.

NH Boffer Fighting can also host private photoshoots, however, please be aware that facilities are in use for many other events and some flexibility in scheduling is key.

Please feel free to contact us to for more details
or take a tour of our facilities!

If your are looking to just participate in an event, please check our current schedule or visit our Facebook Page for info on upcoming public Cosplay Photoshoots!