Nerf Wars...

Nerf wars utilizes a NERF Blaster or other foam-firing toy weapon which fires a soft foam bolt or disc. These nerf guns, both store bought as well as home made, are used in a manner similar to paintball and airsoft in that you are playing tag at a distance. Nerf wars can be simple or complex depending on the scenario. A variety of games can be played from elimination to capture the flag and more. During the hottest months, we also add a couple rounds of water fighting to help keep you cool during the day.

We have Nerf Wars during select weekends throughout the year. It is an excellent way to burn calories with your kids as you run around trying to tag others while keeping from being hit yourself. Please check our current schedule or visit our Facebook Page and check under Events!

Proper field approved eye protection is required for all players! Typical "wrap around" shooting glasses with a securing strap are adequate. All players must also have a signed waiver, with those under 18 needing a parent signature! Grab a copy here and have it filled out before you get to the field to save yourself some time!

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